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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Tutorial: Spring Flower Earrings

Spring Flower Earrings by Albina ManningCopyrights 2010 Albina Maning

Please do not distribute, lend or copy. Do not mass produce. Please always give credit to the Teacher*

This lesson shows how to make 3-D (three-dimensional) spirals and use it for making earrings, pendants, etc.

· 15” (38cm)* of 18 ga Round Soft Wire
· Jump rings -2
· Ear wire -2
* The length of the wire depends on the mandrel’s diameter and the number of coils.

· Chain nose pliers
· Wire cutters
Round mandrel (or pencil)

Step 1:
Clean and straighten the 18ga wire (you can work from the spool). Start coiling the wire end around the mandrel.
Step 2:
Make 6 full coils around the mandrel. Cut the wire.

Step 3:
Remove the spring from the mandrel and using flash cutters cut one end as shown.

Step 4:
Make the second cut on the other side of the coiled wire, directly across from the first cut.

Step 5:
With your fingers, start opening the coils from just one side (outside). Both cuts have to be on the inside of the spring (see red arrows)

Step 6:
Continue forming the spring circle. The wire cuts have to meet each other and be very close.

Step 7:
Make sure that all six “rays” are evenly spaced

Step 8:
Using jump-rings, attach the ear wires

Variation: you can make 7-coil flower as well

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

* Published with permission of Albina Manning


Arctida said...

Great tutorial! Well done Tanya and Albina :)

Albina said...

Thank you, Arctida!
I hope you enjoyed my tutorial.

Vikulya said...

Wow!!!!I like Albina's tutorial So much!Thanks a lot,girls !!!!!!!!!!

daimblond said...

beautiful earrings! great idea, girls!

Katrinshine said...

Great! I'll try to make it!

IrinaN said...

How interesting! Great idea! :)

Dyche Designs said...

Great tutorial and so pretty.

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you for your comments, everyone! :)

Almost Precious said...

Wonderful tutorial, very well written, clear instructions and fantastic photos.

I'm now following your lovely blog, hope you might visit mine and maybe follow me back. :)

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you so much, AlmostPrecious, I am off to your blog now

SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you so much, AlmostPrecious, I am off to your blog now

VeganCraftastic said...

Great tutorial!

M.M.E. said...

That's amazing! It seems so much simpler than I imagined and yet it's still absolutely gorgeous.

Jupiter said...

These look so cool! Maybe I should get my ears pierced again :-)

charmeddesign1012 said...

Thank you for the great tutorial, I'm going to give it a go later. Found you on the etsy forum, please come visit my blog:


SocksAndMittens said...

Thank you for your comments, guys, I am so glad you like it!

Anonymous said...

So simple but gorgeous !